about this chick

      Jentle is a professional Voice Actress for over 20 years, a successful CueCard person for over 20 years as well as a Stand-Up comic for over 15 years.

Born on Long Island in NY,  Jentle knew since the age of 3 that she wanted to be a star. It was the end of her first dance recital when the audience applauded and while all the other 3 year olds ran off stage, Jentle stood there and took her bows. In love with the stage and making people laugh she just kept trying to find her way to be discovered.

While earning her B.A. in Communications and Theater in college, she started bartending at the age of 18. New York State wonderfully allows you to start serving at 18. This began her solo entertainment of entertaining her patrons. Doing bits and voices and learning what worked on what kind of situation and honing her comedic timing. It was the beginning of her taste of being a stand up comic. 

It would be ten years until she actually began standing up without a bar in front of her. She was fortunate to travel around the world doing stand up comedy for our troops. She would even get to forward operating bases in Afghanistan doing comedy, which she says forever changed who she is. (Click to read more about Jentle's Stand -Up

Also while in college she got herself her first Voice Over Job. She was doing her internship for the local Red Cross and helping to promote a fundraiser they were doing. She saw an opportunity to get herself on the radio, so she convinced them they should let her go to the local radio station and record a commercial promoting their fundraiser. Thus began her Voice Over career.

After graduating college and backpacking for a few months with friends she moved to New York City to pursue her dream of being a star. She started acting classes and got herself a bartending job at a bar downstairs from CNN and across the street from Madison Square Garden. She had a few regulars that were on air talent as well as camera and sound guys. It was her first introduction into people that actually did what she dreamt of for a living and also removed the star struck factor, so she was able to talk and treat them like regulars. Learning about the business was more important. 

At 22 she started bartending at south street seaport where she met another bartender who happened to work at SNL. His name was Wally and he had been doing cue cards on the show for a few years. Jentle thought, this was it, this is how she will be discovered! So she quickly said  "I want to work on SNL too!"  As fate would have it, they needed someone. So she went in to see if she could write in the specific style that they use for cue cards, and also if she had the coordination to hold the cue cards. She got hired!  

To grow up for a few years watching big stars working with new talent just breaking out would  prove to be one of the most unbelievable ways to begin a career in show business. (Click to read more CueCards)

Jentle was still pursuing acting and voice over work while working at SNL.   Although it wasn't how she thought she was going to be on the show, Jentle was a background performer in a few sketches earning her first Union card and  her first tv show as an actor. 

        Jentle booked her first paid animation VO gig in NYC while she was doing Cue Cards on SNL.  She is now professional VO actress  for over 20 years. She has built her career recording hundreds of  TV and radio commercials, cartoons, video games, films and audiobooks.  (Click to read more VO

She's a sought after Cue Card person in Hollywood, which she attributes to the combination of her being a Voice Actress, and a comedienne. All of her work experience combined give her a unique ability, she knows when it comes to any job- it's not about one person. It's about being a liaison between talent and producers. From being talent to holding cue cards for A-list celebrities and many that have never read cue cards before and being on stage in front of live audiences. 

Jentle never knows what the next job will be... holding cue cards is ever changing and being a voice actress means you never know what kind of crazy things you'll be saying in a voice over booth. From her time in Afghanistan performing for our troops she makes sure that she appreciates every day no matter what it brings.