To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

A professional VO actress  for over 20 years. Jentle built her career recording hundreds of  TV and radio commercials, doing voices for cartoons, video games, doing background voice work on films and TV shows and also voiced a few APPs as well as a couple audiobooks. Getting to work in the Voice Over industry is a dream come true and getting paid to do something you love is something she hopes will only continue.  

Jentle offers a wide range of voice over services based on her varied expertise and just strives to be better with every job.  Not only is she talent she's also a coach.

She built her own recording booth in her closet and began recording auditions for some friends. Then she started coaching a few students.  Dismayed by the amount of money students were paying for demos, she agreed to help a student who asked if she could record and direct him. So she  wrote, directed, recorded and edited it.  She then found an amazing musical engineer and sent it to him for music and FX.

The demo she produced landed her student a major Los Angeles VO agent.  

She only coaches a few people now because her love is more on being in the booth and behind the mic bringing words and characters to life. 

Commercial Reel
Animation Reel
Promo Reel

" Each job is important to me because I know it's important to my client.

It's my goal that when I leave they're 100% happy with my work." 

- Jentle Phoenix

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