Coaching Rates ....

Hourly  $95 

Skype by the hour $75


Voice Evaluation and Guidance  .... 

a one-on-one phone evaluation to explore your potential as a voice over professional.

Expect a candid, objective review.

You’ll get specific direction for next steps in your voice over career. - $25


Session packages...

Each  session is  one on one- in person or via skype- once a week, our session is 60 minutes.

Your 3 or 5 week course will be specifically tailored to you and where you are with your Voice Over skills. You will receive an mp3 of your work emailed to you after each class so you can listen to yourself improve!


Series of 3 sessions -$240 


Series of 5 sessions - $350



Series of 3 calls - $195


Series of 5 calls -$300