Get Yourself VO'ing!

You've got your demo and you're ready to get yourself working!

So now what's your next step?

Do you know what your brand is? 

Do you have a home studio setup?

Do you have yourself on the sites on line to audition for jobs?

Did you know there are VO agents in different markets? 

It's overwhelming when you first start out and the internet can send you into a crazy information overload vortex. I know because I've been there many times just in the last 5 years, and asking pros tons of questions as I was building and growing my home studio. But because of all of it, I learned a lot and I can now share my knowledge and help people skip a lot of the arduous trial and errors I went through. 

I can steer you towards getting your home studio setup- depending on what you want to do and what you're ready for....and how you can get your setup done on your budget.

Guidance for- the right microphone for you in your budget, an interface, great headphones, inform you on the different editing software I have worked with and how long it took me to get my studio sound great, because that is huge! Sound proofing is SO important!

My rates on this vary depending on what your needs are and what the situation is- I'm worth fitting into your budget, because what you'll spend on my knowledge and guidance is going to save you time getting your booth done and give you a leg up on diving into the world of online audition rules and etiquette and get you working and making money sooner!