Coaching, Demos and  Get VO'ing!

There is no one path to finding voice over success, and it’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t know your starting position. Voice acting is a huge industry and just because you have a great voice doesn’t mean you’ll be great doing at Voice Overs. Voice Overs are a lot more work than just standing at a microphone saying some words, it's intricate and special. But because of skill and talent, it seems effortless. Great Voice work takes technique, acting, and sometimes making really weird hand movements- no idea why!  There is an art of doing voice overs, doing them well, and learning to adapt to each and every job.
My mission is to educate students in the art of voiceover acting, create a demo that represents your VOICE and to give you some guidance in getting yourself set up the best you possibly can be! So you can get VO'ing And be able to pay your rent...

Unlike group classes I tailor each series to each student. Focusing on each student's strengths, weaknesses, goals and needs. And an mp3 of your performance is emailed to you after each session. My number one priority is to work with you so you can develop all the skills you need to launch a career in voiceover. I teach at my studio or via skype.

Don’t rush into creating a demo. Demos cost money and take time, so get the most out of it by mastering your voice prior. I won't record a demo for someone if they aren't ready. It's your everything and you need to feel great about it AND know you can show up and be just as great  as you are on your demo!

You've got your demo and your talent is on point! Now what?I can help getting your home studio set up for auditioning and for recording jobs, I can also guide you to the online VO sites and how to maximize your exposure!